Fortbildung im Glashaus

BR education partners – further education for facilitators

Since 2008, BPWW Management GmbH has provided further education on the subject of biosphere reserves for individuals who are already active in the field of education (e.g. countryside rangers, tour guides, woodland educators). As part of the 5-day training course, the participants are taught the basic principles underlying the Wienerwald BR, as well as its Goals and tasks. In the course of several field trips, businesses in a variety of different industries are visited, and these examples are used to demonstrate the concept of a model region for sustainability and to get the message across. As their final task, the future training partners of the BR have to plan their own guided tour of the BR with appropriate BR inputs. In 2015 the written modules for the BR training will be revised and collated in a folder for presentation to the course attendants. In the course of the past eight years, 150 individuals have taken part in this course; 124 of them have produced their own tour programme for inclusion in the 2015 programme folder for the Wienerwald BR.


Termine 2020

Donnerstag, 22.10.2020: Biosphärenpark Büro Tullnerbach
Thema: BPWW, allgemeine Einführung

Donnerstag, 5.11.2020: Ort wird rechtzeitig bekannt gegeben
Thema: Wald, KZO, Forstwirtschaft

Donnerstag, 12.11.2020: Ort wird rechtzeitig bekannt gegeben
Thema: Offenland, regionale Produkte

Donnerstag 26.11.2020: Biosphärenpark Büro Tullnerbach
Thema: Abschluss mit BP-Spiel und Prüfung

Das Anmeldeformular schicken Sie bitte bis spätestens 11. Oktober 2020 an DI Simone Wagner unter Achtung! Beschränkte TeilnehmerInnenanzahl.


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Anmeldeformular Fortbildungsmodul 2020

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