junge Wildkatze


from 2013 to 2015

Österreichische Bundesforste Österreichischer Naturschutzbund

Österreichische Bundesforste

For centuries, wildcats were part of the native fauna. However, there have not been any sightings of wildcat in the Wienerwald although it would seem to offer optimal Habitat conditions. The core zones, in particular, would offer sanctuaries to the wildcat for rearing ist young. Besides, a habitat study was commissioned by the Nature Conservation Organisation and supported by the Austrian Federal Forestry Authority.

A ’stocktaking’ project conducted in close co-operation with the Austrian Nature Conservation organisation, Austrian Federal Forestry Authority and BPWW Management GmbH and with support from other members of ’Plattform Wildkatze’ was carried out in order to enhance our knowledge about the wildcat in the Wienerwald, and to inform the region’s inhabitants on wildcat matters. Of special importance was the inclusion of hunting partners.

With the aid of 26 lures (e.g. roughly sawn wooden posts infused with valerian tincture), installed to collect hair samples for genetic analysis, attempts were made to prove the existence of wildcats in the region. However, no such evidence was found at any stage of the Research project.

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