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Biodiversity Day

For the ninth time, the BPWW Management GmbH organised an event in 2015 to celebrate GEO Biodiversity Day as initiated by the renowned German nature magazine GEO. This gives us an opportunity to explore alternately a community in Lower Austria or a district in Vienna and to get the local inhabitants excited about the biodiversity on their own patch.

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Kindergruppe bei Fundbestimmung

Meadow Master – Meadow Partner

The project ’Wiesenmeisterschaft’ (Meadow-Master Championship) has been used annually since 2006 to award the title to people who manage their meadows, pastures and orchard meadows ecologically, and to celebrate the award by bringing these managers into the limelight.

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Haselmaus auf Ribiselzweig

On the trail of the hazel dormouse

Hazel dormice are difficult to find, as they are no bigger than a thumb and live mostly in dense undergrowth. Its secretive life style means that there is hardly anything known about this small mammal.

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Gruppe im Wald

Wienerwald Climate Alliance in the BR:

The Federal State of Lower Austria joined the Climate Alliance in 1993. To meet the ambitious targets of the Climate Alliance – e.g. reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030 by 50% – is a distinct challenge to the State and its communities.

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Echo location –Educational Echo

The bat project entitled ’Echoortung – Bildungsecho’ (echo location – educational echo) was part of an initiative entitled ‘generation innovation’, in other words, the promotion of Young talent, taken by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, and produced a positive outcome after a duration of 1.5 years.

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